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September 28, 2016

On Les Miles

I'm not sure if we'll get to it on this week's podcast, but a couple of people have asked me about Les Miles' firing and what that means.

A couple of thoughts:

  • The offense had to be better if you are going to go to bat for your coordinator. I think that played into the firing of Richt, personally. Not that he was given the opportunity to change coordinators, but that no one in the decision chain thought he'd do so.
  • Having said that, 2016 LSU is not that different than 2015 LSU, but those losses came earlier in the year. And to perceived weaker opponents. We'll see about Auburn, but Wisconsin certainly is looking like a contender right now.
  • LSU should look to buy up, but I'd think you can't come up with enough money to get Meyer away from tOSU. I can't see why they'd hire Saban, or why he'd go there. Herman's not moving until at least December. So what does that leave you to do?
  • The biggest danger is Coach O looks great and the team goes on a run to win the SEC. Then what?
All of that is to say, if Les had such a fine line to walk, why keep him in the first place? To win the media battle in the off season (which you can only claim was a stalemate, at best)? 

Clear bag policy at South Carolina

Something new. I guess they don't want us sneaking in our flak jackets, either.

September 27, 2016

Waitin' Since Last Saturday Ep. 054 - Ole Miss just scored again edition


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September 26, 2016

Georgia at South Carolina to kickoff at 7:30pm

Night game at Willie Brice. yay.

Sat., Oct. 8*3:30
or 7:00
or 7:15
Alabama at ArkansasCBS
Sat., Oct. 8*3:30
or 7:00
or 7:15
Tennessee at Texas A&MCBS
Sat., Oct. 812:00 p.m.Auburn at Mississippi StateSEC Network
Sat., Oct. 812:00 p.m.LSU at FloridaESPN
Sat., Oct. 84:00 p.m.Vanderbilt at KentuckySEC Network
Sat., Oct. 87:30 p.m.Georgia at South CarolinaSEC Network

September 22, 2016

WSLS Podcast Ep. 53 - Ole Miss Preview

Scott and I get into the weeds of Georgia's road game against Mississippi. We also discuss who would be our favorite teams if Georgia didn't exist.

Game tonight in WSLS Podcast pick'em

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September 19, 2016

Waitin' Since Last Saturday Ep. 52: Mizzou wrap up

Will and I wrap up the Mizzou game. Check out the Snapchat video that Scott provided on our WSLS podcast Twitter

Tennessee at Georgia set for 3:30 game on CBS

SEC Football Television Schedule for Saturday, October 1, 2016:
Sat., Oct. 112:00 p.m. Florida at  VanderbiltSEC Network
Sat., Oct. 112:00 p.m.Alcorn St. at  Arkansas (Little Rock)SEC Network Alternate
Sat., Oct. 13:30 p.m. Tennessee at  GeorgiaCBS
Sat., Oct. 13:30 p.m.Louisiana Monroe at  AuburnSEC Network Alternate
Sat., Oct. 14:00 p.m. Texas A&M at  South CarolinaSEC Network
Sat., Oct. 17:00 p.m. Kentucky at  AlabamaESPN
Sat., Oct. 1*7:00 p.m.Memphis at  Ole MissSEC Network Alternate
or ESPN2
Sat., Oct. 17:30 p.m. Missouri at  LSUSEC Network

September 15, 2016

Special Teams: Room for Improvement

Some quantification to our struggles:

name conference ko punt fg ko_ret punt_ret fg_D       total
Georgia SEC                 -4 -0.6 -1.3     0.2      -0.9         -0.2        -6.7

So the theory goes that there is a way to quantify the number of points gained or lost for each individual play involving a special teams action (kick off, punt, FG).  It isn't hard to see that Georgia is not doing great, ranking well into the 100s with their -6.7 total points per game on special teams.

You would expect to lose the most points on kickoffs and punts, because that is where you are also giving the ball back to your opponent and anything short of stopping the every return at the opponent's one foot line has some negative points associated with it. Of course, giving up a return for a touchdown is the highest number of negative points you can accrue on kicks and punts. Only Georgia State has a worse point total on kickoffs. FWIW, that should change over time if we don't allow any more kickoff returns for touchdowns.

What is a bit more illustrative is losing points on FGs. That is both from missing FGs and kicking FGs from places where stats show you should go for it instead of kicking a FG. It becomes roughly a net negative if you kick a FG on any drive when you have a first down inside the 30 yard line. 

All five FG attempts for Ham have been on drives where Georgia had a first down at or inside the opponents' 30 yard line, including two from inside the 20. 

None of this means anything other than right now, we should never kicking FGs. I don't that happening.

Imagine if we didn't have a dedicated special teams coach.

September 12, 2016

Waitin' Since Last Saturday Ep. 50 - Nicholls State Wrap Up

We discuss the Nicholls State game and why it felt like a loss.

Noon kick off for Ole Miss

Sat., Sept. 2412:00 p.m. Georgia at  Ole MissESPN
Sat., Sept. 2412:00 p.m.Kent State at  AlabamaSEC Network
Sat., Sept. 243:30 p.m. Mississippi State at UMassESPN3
Sat., Sept. 243:30 p.m. Florida at  TennesseeCBS
Sat., Sept. 244:00 p.m.Delware State at  MissouriSEC Network
Sat., Sept. 244:30 p.m. Vanderbilt at Western KentuckyCBS Sports Network
Sat., Sept. 246:00 p.m. LSU at  AuburnESPN
Sat., Sept. 247:30 p.m. South Carolina at  KentuckySEC Network
Sat., Sept. 24*9:00 p.m. Arkansas at  Texas A&MESPN

September 9, 2016

WSLS Podcast Ep. 49 - UGA's Home Opener

We cover all you need to know about Nicholls State, cuddling QBs, and our go to eating spots in Athens.

We are without Will, who is on assignment covering the NFL for his 'real job,' but he still joins us for his Illinois minute, and will rejoin us once we get his logistics of his travel for 'real job' figured out. By the way, his 'real job' involves going on camera with Maggie Gray, NFL Pro Bowl wide receiver Nate Burleson, The MMQB senior writer Jenny Vrentas, Sports on Earth senior writer Will Leitch and Sports Illustrated NFL writer Andrew Perloff on Pro Football Now.

Eason to start

Not really breaking news, but keeping in line with everything else out of camp this fall. Let's get those first start jitters out against a team we should handle easily.

Now, you want to surprise me, use Ramsey on 4th and 4 to show punt, then set him back under center to run a play.

September 6, 2016

UGA's SEC Basketball Schedule released

Go 12-6 here and we'll dance.

Thursday, Dec. 29, at Auburn (ESPNU) at 7:00
Wednesday, Jan. 4, South Carolina (ESPNU) at 7:00
Saturday, Jan. 7, Missouri (SEC Network) at 1:00
Wednesday, Jan. 11, at Ole Miss (ESPNU) at 7:00
Saturday, Jan. 14 , at Florida (ESPN/2) at Noon
Tuesday, Jan. 17, Vanderbilt (ESPNU) at 9:00
Saturday, Jan. 21, at Texas A&M (ESPN/2) at Noon
Wednesday, Jan. 25, Alabama (ESPNU) at 9:00
Tuesday, Jan. 31, at Kentucky (ESPN) at 9:00
Saturday, Feb. 4, at South Carolina (ESPN/2) at 2:00
Tuesday, Feb. 7, Florida (ESPN2) at 7:00
Saturday, Feb. 11, at Tennessee (ESPNU) at 4:00
Tuesday, Feb. 14, Mississippi State (ESPNU) at 9:00
Saturday, Feb. 18, Kentucky (ESPN/2) at 4:00 or 8:00
Thursday, Feb. 23, at Alabama (ESPN/2) at7:00
Saturday, Feb. 25, LSU (SEC Network) at 6:00
Wednesday, March 1, Auburn (SEC Network) at 6:30
Saturday, March 4, at Arkansas (ESPN/2) at 4:00

Photo of the Year of the Week

Nick Chubb is coming to your citay.

Photo courtesy of Jim Hipple

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